our quality and consulting guarantors – hairtalk specialised trade


The hairtalk philosophy


Our philosophy is that hairtalk products are exclusively available via the specialised trade, i.e. through certified hairdressers only. Using the specialised trade guarantees that the customer buys a genuine, high-quality product and that our hairtalk extensions are applied correctly and professionally.

This is ensured by our certification training where our partner salons learn how to optimally handle the hairtalk system and to advise their customers regarding colour selection, cut and styling options in the best possible way. 

An overview of our certified and trained partners is available here.


How to become a specialist hairtalk dealer


Convinced by hairtalk, want to benefit from the advantages of being a specialist dealer and would like to be certified?

If you have completed hairdresser training and hold a valid registration for the trade, we will be happy to send you our information material.

We first require a copy of your valid trade registration – please email it to hairtalkcy@gmail.com or fax it to +35722785109.

If you still have questions, we are available from Monday to Friday between Mon – Saturday: 07:45 – 21:00 clock +35722785109.